Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Squirrel Armor

I am exceedingly amused by squirrel armor.

(Why yes, it IS exactly what it sounds like: itty bitty platemail fashioned for and modeled by a squirrel.)

But it brings up some important quandaries.

Like who is the squirrel knight fighting?

I bet it's the hamsters, they always were a shady bunch.

And there's nothing scarier than a hamster with a miniature katana.

(Except maybe a hamster with a katana and a wakizashi.)

And even though the master armorer made this little fellow a little broadsword and shield, is that really enough for a squirrel?

I mean, if Squeakers (I decided to name the squirrel Squeakers, it's a good name, full of masculinity and warriorness) is anything like the residents in our household, there is no such thing as enough weapons.

Where is his itty bitty mace? His morning star? His flail?!?

And Squeakers' little foot soldiers would need pikes and glaives.

And to properly defend a squirrel castle against those nasty little hamsters he'd need some archers with cross bows standing at the ready.

But then, can squirrel arms even operate a miniature crossbow??

We must make sure Squeaker and his conglomerates are properly armed before entering combat!

Otherwise organized rodent battle would just be inhumane....

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  1. Hi,
    i spent almost 2 out of 4 yrs in bed with broken bones & my husband catered to me by enticing our squirrels to come on the deck where I could observe them. I started to notice family traits and gave them names...........even started a story. Would you be interested in collaborating in children's stories?