Thursday, September 16, 2010


Blogger introduced this neat little stat function a little while back (or at least I noticed this neat little stat function a little while back), and I've become a bit obsessed with it.

It follows all the "hits" your blog gets, including breaking the raw data down into exciting categories like which country the browser was in and google searches that brought them this-a-way.

That's right, I'm in the google search results AND being read by people in China.

But I've been surprised by what my most read posts of all time are.

Molly Pitcher is right at the top, with the Fallen Soldier Table just behind.

And they're nearly doubling any other post.

I was re-reading them while doing this post, trying to judge whether their of much quality at all, whether them showing up in search results is worth much of anything.

The Fallen Soldier Table is pretty good, although it mostly just contains the basic information which seems like should be available fairly widely on the web through other sources.

But then again, my positive reinforcement needing brain will take whatever it can get for blogging famocity and general 'being read'.

(Oh how I long to see that 'blog followers' number rise.......)

(And comments, they're almost as good as chocolate for my cracked little head....)

But the Molly Pitcher one being so infamous worries me a little, since I'm not sure of what objective quality it really is. It's mostly just about the fact that I got the award, with only the briefest touching of the whole story.

And talks a lot about the hard liquor initiation and cleavage.

But then I guess it comes back to the reason and purpose behind my blog, which at this point is to pretty much write about whatever I want on a daily basis.

But I've also been pondering about whether that is a good focus for blogging, as it is hard to generate interest in random people when 3/4 of the posts are merely exploiting my children in their adorable states.

Or like, poop.

See, if it was a cooking blog where I found (or made up) recipes and photodocumented the process and comically wrote about how absolutely horrible it is to accidentally cover the ceiling with red food coloring, I could pitch it as something general that would appeal to a general mass of cooking interested people.

But I'm not nearly that focused nor filled with excess time right now.

So I photodocument whatever is going on in life, and blog about whatever horrible mishap happened with the chocolate milk and the car seat and the permanent feature of a bunny shaped spill.

And then I realize I've done multiple posts talking in depth about Adrianna eating things that rate my nutritional parenting skills sketchy at best, and attempt to stretch myself by attempting to write about something more generally minded.

But that just makes the blog posts even more random and chaotic and less focused on anything in particular.

(Not that obsessing with my children is the focused way I really want to go with this, but it is a type of blog that I'm sure some random stranger could potentially want to follow.)

But THEN there's the aspect of my blogging specifically for the few people who really read it (hi Mom, hi Dad), and they're quite happy with whatever randomness comes their way.

(Especially when it involves their adorable granddaughters.)


Hi people in China and the Netherlands, please continue to read my blog. And if you'd like to follow and/or leave a comment about why you are reading this, that would be awesome!

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  1. Hey, I *like* the addition of the generally minded posts. Gives some nice variety, and helps me have hope that I too will be able to think and talk about non-baby stuff again someday. Here's to random and chaotic!