Thursday, March 24, 2011

House Packing: Day 1

The main reason I spent last weekend out in New York was to assist in packing up all our wordly possessions and clearing out the house for the new buyers.

And remarkably, we did put a little forethought and planning into the process (almost like we're responsible adults or something).

We had two storage cubes of some standardish size delivered Friday afternoon to move and store my stuff until I actually manage to get a job and subsequent rent money and rental residence. I did spend much time pondering how many we needed, and decided on two on account of realizing we were only going to be loading two and half rooms of furniture (plus miscellaneous kid stuff) into them.

And we totally needed three.

Apparently miscellaneous kid stuff is both bulky and in excessive quantities. But I'm getting ahead of the story.

Peter was set to pick up a U-haul trailer first thing Saturday morning, and had arranged for a couple buddies of his to drop by that afternoon to help move the big heavy stuff.

All was good to go.

Except then they didn't have the trailer ready at 7am (not that either of us was up then either, having not gotten back to the house until close to midnight).

And the house needed a tad more pre-packing prep work than I had previously anticipated, as there was a slight accumulation of dirty dishes and laundry and trash and strange computer/big screen tv 500 cord interfacings that had managed to crop up in the last 6 weeks which needed to be taken care of prior to any furniture moving or stuff packing. 

And then there were additional trailer complications with the hitch and needing to put a different one on but the old one would come off and ultimately needed a trip to an auto-shop with a plasma torch to get it taken care of.

You know, the usual stuff that eats up most of the morning running around taking care of crap errands.

So we weren't particularly well prepared for the guys showing up to move furniture, an hour after we got back from the morning's trailer saga. However, these were bachelor soldiers, and they had no qualms about just dumping whatever had needed moving that previously was residing on/in the furniture into the nearest available box/trash bag/floor so they could get all the furniture moved out and loaded in under two hours.

The only glitch during this process was the couch.

Our couch is not a tiny thing by any means, however I am still fairly certain it fits within normal furniture dimensions and therefore should be movable through things like doorways.

Except that we put a new front door on the house after we moved in.

Apparently, a door with a SMALLER doorframe.

So there was the delightful moment where Peter jaunted up the stairs to where I was speed screwdrivering our bed frame apart and told me the couch wouldn't fit out of the house.

*twitch twitch twitch*

I suggested they move on to the rest of the furniture and come back to the couch. And they did, eventually, with much maneuvering and grunting and pushing and a few very nearly stuck dramatic moments, manage to get the couch out of the house.

(It also occurred to me during that process that the one thing worse than needing to leave a couch in the house because it couldn't fit out would be needing to leave a couch wedged in the front door frame.)

(Oh, and I just realized that my description totally makes it sound like they were giving birth. Which actually keeps it kinda exciting, me thinks...)

So we were feeling pretty good about things Saturday evening. All the big furniture was where it needed to go, the top half of both cubes were just waiting for the stuff to be packed, and I had even managed to get most of the laundry and dishes clean by that point.

We had two whole days left, we could totally rock this out without a problem.

And then it snowed that night.

Continued tomorrow.....

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