Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Table Time Temper

Adrianna is this tiny little thing.

Absolutely adorable, nearly always happy and hugging, and somehow manages to be unconditionally cute regardless of what trouble she is finding.

But she also has quite the little temper.

The other day, I had been sitting with her at the kitchen table while she was eating some macaroni.

My mother came over and sat down with us and was talking to her, and Adrianna was babbling back to her in a very agreeable manner while continuing to daintily nibble away on her buttered penne.

You are what you eat....
And I made a quick dash for the bathroom.

(Hey, parenthood doesn't lend itself to many unaccompanied bathroom moments. Peeing in peace is a real luxury with toddlers around.)

And Adrianna was not happy about my departure.

She started screeching, emphatically threw her bowel to the floor, and kicked off from the table very nearly tipping her booster-seat-strapped-to-a-chair over backwards.

Or so I was told when I re-emerged a scant minute later. 

Interestingly enough, as soon as I was back Adrianna was more than content to continue happily eating her macaroni.

(Now if only bathroom doors were sound proof....)

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