Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tune of Rejection

I've been casually looking for a job since last October, and seriously since arriving in Colorado in January... and I haven't made much progress.

I've done a handful aptitude tests for government positions, and have been on exactly one interview for a part time law office administration gig.

Occasionally I get a letter along the lines of "Your resume was referred to the hiring department for further review. You will hear from them in two to three weeks should you be selected for an interview." but have never heard anything following up on it.

Most of the time, if I hear anything at all, it's rejection.

The words have become far to familiar, to scripted, to easy.

Sometimes they come in email, sometimes they come on fancy letterhead, and sometimes they come through silence.

But they are always the same.

"We were fortunate to receive applications from many well qualified applicants. Our decision was a difficult one. After careful consideration and review, we have chosen candidates to interview whom most closely match our needs. Thank you for your interest and time. Please feel free to apply to future job postings with us."

And that's not all.

The same names are starting to pop up again and again in my inbox.

Except that I always forget what they're associated with, and open the email with slight excitement after only just managing to mark it as familiar.

Elizabeth Lightfoot does all of the emails for the City of Denver Department of Human Services Hiring Department.

(Or something title/officialish like that....)

Despite having received over a dozen less than inspiring emails from her, I still think her name leads to something good. It's far to positive of a name to be only associated with rejection.

And yet, rejection it is.

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