Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Outtakes

The girls were absolutely adorable all dolled up in their Easter finery, and of course caused quite the camera clicking frenzy.

However, they weren't in their most photogenic mood that morning.

So here are all the awesomely awful best dressed outtakes:

 Kristina giving the headlock hug. Take note of Adrianna's matching hat on the floor, where she promptly deposited it every time I attempted to put it on her head. 

 "Can I take your picture with your Easter basket?" 

Adrianna saw a tie for the first time. And wanted it.

But WHHHHHY do you want to take my picture??

You can sit us here together but you can't make us smile.

 The lesser known cousin of the Easter Bunny, the Easter Thief, making off with my wallet.

Curls? Check. Dress? Check check. Little lady? Uhh..... to be determined.


  1. Very Cute! Love the curls and the last page is definitely the winner. It looks like they had fun.

  2. Ha! Outtakes are the best kind. They're too cute!