Friday, April 8, 2011

Fat Cat Fridays

A gal I went to college with is presently working at the Longmont Humane Society, and had mentioned (hey, facebook counts) a new adoption special the shelter has going on this month: Fat Cat Fridays.

All kitties over 6 months and 10lbs can be bought for $2 a pound on Fridays.

Which made me think of my sweet kitties.

And that we would have to pay a pretty penny to get them on the "pay by the pound" scale today.

Whispey was a newspaper kitten, who somehow managed to grow into a rather large and fluffy orange pillow hog.

And Diamond  is a shelter beauty (if also quite possibly somewhat mentally challenged) we got for Whispey to have a friend.

(He would actually probably chose to do without said friendship given a choice. But chasing her around is the extent of his daily exercise, so it's good for him.)

They both have an excellent track record with the girls. Whispey isn't quite as fond of their maulings lovings as Diamond is, but he puts up with his fair share without protest (much less tooth or scratch) and then opts to recluse himself under my bed when the opportunity presents itself.

And guess what? They arrived via certified Peter delivery today!!

The girls are, of course, absolutely ecstatic to have their beloved kitties back. 

Kristina and Diamond
Adrianna and Whispey

   The kitties may be a little less than ecstatic......


  1. Awwww!!! My girls love their kitties, too!

    I haven't ever commented before, so I thought I would take the time to say hello, and even though I'm the quiet type who doesn't comment much, have faith that I am out here listening! Yes, I really like you, the way you write, and what you write about, that's why I became a minion!

    And your girls are ADORABLE!!!

  2. Takes it like good kitties should. Too cute!