Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Local Plug: Enviromentalist Children's Music

I recently took the girls to a preschool age kiddo shindig at Chautauqua, and in addition to face painting, seed planting, and sandbox dinosaur fossil finding there was a performance put on by Jeff Kagan and Paige Doughty.

It wasn't the concert highlight of my year, but Kristina thought it was pretty awesome.

And in the genre of children's music, it had some good stuff going for it.

First up, they are original songs. This is an EXTREMELY important detail when you've been listening to the same soul-sapping versions of "Wheels on the Bus" and "Old MacDonald" for a couple of years and are about ready to chuck that CD out the car window if your children demands for it to be put on one. more. time.

(Whomever decided little children's squeaky voices were the ideal medium for recording annoying and overly repetitive intellectually numbing songs never had to listen to them. Repeatedly.)

They are extremely "local" to Boulder CO, both in where they live and preform and with the subject matter of their songs. That has a certain level of cool uniqueness to it as well as the appeal of supporting the local economy and people working to make a livelihood here.

(Even better to support: local Colorado breweries.)

(And no, that does not include Coors Light.)

That said, a few of the songs are little.... weird hippyish overtly environmental conservation minded. 

I kid you not, there was one they preformed about using alternative energy sources.

But most, like this Thank You Honeybee (which is the only one they've made a music video of so far) are really rather cute and instant hits with the 3&4 year old crowd.

And should you bee (buzz buzz) so inclined, the CDs can be bought online here.

Rock on hippy children's music writers, rock on. 

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