Thursday, April 14, 2011

Me Too

Adrianna is absolutely convinced that she can do anything Kristina can.

The two and half year age difference is completely irrelavent to the little peanut, and she is very insistant on not being left out of ANYTHING.

Drinking out of a regular glass? You betcha.

Helping Grandma cook in the kitchen? Of course.

Sitting on the regular swings? Why not!

(Oh right, because you don't know how to hold on yet and fall off immediately and then get whacked in the head by the swing when you try to get up.)

((Small details, I know.))

And the latest and greatest (not to mention adorable) "me too!" moment involved the recent arrival of the infamous little pink potty.

Monkey see, monkey want to make doodoo too.


  1. Nice! I hope that she does good with that. My 2yo wants to do everything her sister does always. Sometimes she does a really great job and sometimes not so much. But it tends to be pretty cute. Cute little potty though. :)

  2. I think I just overdosed on the cuteness.