Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Paci Diaries

Hi all, Adrianna here. Listen, I got a problem and need your help on it. My mama keeps noticing how many of my absolutely adorable photographs contain my precious pacifier, which just so happens to be my most coveted and beloved possession in all the world (well, at least since she took the awesome boobies away). And do you know what she keeps doing? Talking about how she needs to start taking the pacifier away from me too!!!

I know, I could barely stomach this news myself, so I'm sure you are all the more shocked by this devastating development of my childhood traumatizations.

I keep hoping she'll loose interest in the idea, much like she completely abandoned the decree that I needed to size up to a bigger pacifier size once I sufficiently explained how those bigger pacis just don't suck as well and how I simply could not tolerate anything besides my baby sized binky. Or nuks. Or whatever they are. Just be sure you get the right brand when you restock, Grandma and Grandpa tried to get some one time and they simply were NOT the right shape. I'm very particular about my suckies, I'll have you know. It's a sign of exceptional tastes and good breeding, no less.

So what I need from all of you fine followers is for you to convince my mama dearest (since she listens to you, or at least reads your comments with great anticipation and excitement and starts squealing away with profound stupidity along the lines of "they like me, they really like me!") that not only is acceptable for a very nearly 15 month little princess like myself to continue to have full access to her pacifier collection at her every whim, but that it is actually encouraged for how beneficial the added suck-urity is concerning my future development.

And lets face it, I am more than a little awesome at convincing her to let me have my precious through a carefully orchestrated cycle of long term sleep deprivation to wear down her resistance and then excessively pitiful while simultaneously annoying whinyness when I am without it.

(Do I have her trained good or what?)

Thank you all so much for your help in this very grave matter, it is very greatly appreciated. 


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  1. At age two, we took Batman's paci away in daytime and said it was only for nights. We told him at age three that when he turned four, no more pacis. Four year olds aren't allowed to have pacis. But Robin was just a baby (and didn't really care about the paci) and we didn't want his stolen.

    Sure, that's a long time for a kid to have a paci, but we slept a lot better when he had it. No tears, FWIW.