Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Parenting Fail: The Letter K

Kristina has recently been on quite the alphabet kick, which is really awesome because for a while there I kept trying to teach her letters and she had no interest whatsoever in learning them and I was beginning to despair that she wouldn't be able to write her name before Kindergarten and would forever be shamed with the label of the least advanced child in the family.

But she seems to have come up to the next developmental milestone all on her own in regards to reading and writing.

And in addition to trying exceptionally hard to write letters, she has also really started to enjoy pointing them out at any opportunity.

And her most favoritist letter of all to find is, of course, the letter K.

Thus I am frequently privileged to have all the K's pointed out to me by her on signs, license plates, newspaper headlines, books and any other source of text which we encounter throughout daily life.

Now I also need to tell you that I keep a journal from time to time, mostly for writing particularly whiny laments (or like, the stuff that would just be better not to publish to the world under my real name) and doodling.

And a few weeks ago, I was feeling a particularly frustrated and embittered towards the general state of my life at one point (which really isn't particularly surprising considering the state that it's in, with things like children who like to be awake between the hours of midnight and 3am and my complete sucking at getting a job in the last 4 months prominantly featured), and was creatively expressing that through some large and bold font work in said journal. 
Dramatic recreation of the event in question.

And then I accidently left it sitting open on the floor next to my bed.

And Kristina, being the bright and inquisitive child that she is, walked in the next morning and promptly exclaimed "Look Mama! The Letter K!! TWO Letter Ks!!"

But hey, at least she can't actually read yet and wasn't asking me what that nice word containing the letter K meant. That means it wasn't too terrible, right?



  1. Looking forward to your posts when she starts asking what full words mean...I have a feeling they'll be interesting.

  2. d'oh! but hey, you found the silver lining... and will be more careful w/ open journals as she learns to read more fully... ; ) kids are too fun!

  3. I totally thought this story was going in a totally different direction, one with lots of Ks being embarrassing written all over things.