Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Political Deficiency

I am a big fan of comics in general, and find the intermixing of art and humor and politics just fascinating in political cartoons. 

I also happen to think that the one included above does an excellent job outlining what I think is the core of nearly all of the political party strife in America.

We, as a nation, haven't been able to decide whether or not we want to be a welfare state.

And since we can't decide, we've been doing a lot of tax funded programs somewhere between marginally well and totally crappy. 

The idea of a welfare state is founded with the notion that contributing to the success of a nation as a whole is better than having individuals fend for themselves. 

You put more meat into the communal pot, everyone gets more soup out of it. 

But right now a substantial portion of the social welfare programs we have are either drastically underfunded or so caught up in bureaucratic red tape that they are, at best, ineffective. 

And ultimately, a waste of money at present. 

If you want to build a barn for that nice little herd of cattle you just inherited from your kinda crazy Uncle Eddie, you have to be willing to put forth the cash and time to actually get all of the materials needed AND the subsequent labor to get it built and keep it maintained. Otherwise you just wasted a whole bunch of money securing a barns worth of raw lumber which will now sit slowly decaying in your back yard for the next 12 years while those cows take up permanent residency in the basement on account of your forgetting to buy the nut part of the connector bolts and never getting around to remedying the problem so you can put the stupid thing together.

Way to go America, what a lovely pile of useless rotting wood we've built ourselves. 

Now do you think we could decide whether or not we want to fund these programs, and then actually give them the support they need to be successful or axe them entirely? This half funding and constant squabbling over their worth and funding that we keep doing isn't helping anybody. 

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  1. Indeed. Its all just more for us to complain about rather than actually doing something to improve it.