Saturday, April 16, 2011

Whoop Whoop

When I started into this whole motherhood thing, I was pretty clueless to most of the parenting varieties beyond the mainstream modifications that were used in formal childcare settings.

(Ok, I was pretty clueless about everything being 21, but those are minor details.)

I had gone out and bought bottles for Kristina shortly after finding out I was pregnant after having determined long ago the best of the best from feeding babies in my care while giving absolutely no thought as to what, exactly, would be put in them until my pregnancy book said we'd have to decide whether to nurse or use formula or some combination of the two.

(Turns out pregnancy books contain, on occasion, information beyond detailed descriptions of all the ways things could go horribly, horribly wrong.)
I knew clothe diapers existed (and there's a great family story about how I wore them as a baby but then insisted on wearing disposables instead), but I had no idea that they now existed in a form beyond the white rectangles my mother used as dust rags during my childhood.

(By the way, there are MANY types of clothe diapers around these days with all sorts of different technical details of which I know very little but kinda wish I'd looked into more back when I first got into the baby business since some really do seem rather spify.)

((Also, ruffled bums.))

I knew drug free homebirths were certainly possible, but had no interest in going that route and tended to equate them to more of the third world where hospitals don't really exist.

I knew some parents fed their children very strict diets and that some nursed well into the toddler years, but was totally happy with the one year mark for a personal breastfeeding goal and couldn't imagine depriving my offspring of the joys of french fries.

But I didn't know parents (smart, well educated, slightly aged, and way more "adult" than me) would purposefully choose to not vaccinate their children.

And despite gaining more knowledge and appreciation for alternative parenting methods (and stumbling across some, like cosleeping, out of survival instinct), I still do not get the elective unvaccinations.

Right now, whooping cough has been breaking out amongst the children in Nederland.


And I'm starting to freak out just a little bit about it.

Now the girls have been vaccinated on schedule (although each state we've moved too has argued about which vaccines should be given when and somehow they'd go from being completely uptodate to needing another three or four ASAP simply by moving across the country), and I keep refering to this point as I despretly try to un-freak about the whole thing.

(That, and telling myself how this is just Dawinism taking out the stupid anti-modern-medicine mountain hippies by killing off their children with Victorian era deseases.)

But Adrianna is late for her 15 month immunizations.

She keeps getting the creeping crud always going around, and each time I bring her in for a cold or an ear infection the doctor wants to bump the shots back another week so she's not sick for them.

And although she's only technically a week past her 15 month birthday, the well-baby appointment has gotten moved back three times and is now at the end of April. What if it keeps getting moved? Is it even a whooping cough vaccination appointment? I totally didn't think of asking that when we were there two days ago for her latest ear infection! Just how important is the time line? Would she suddenly be vulnerable for getting it (and who knows what else) when she hits 16 months?? Wasn't whooping cough a total epidemic in California children a little while back????



*get the Lysol and bleach*

*contine blogging*

Also not helping is the circulating literature including the note of "pertussis can occur in fully immunized individuals".


Oh, and I was never fully vaccinated for it either when I had a bad reaction to the first round of it as a baby, which means if the girls get it from the hippie kids at preschool or the library and spread it to me I just might die.

Did Adrianna just cough??

I think I need to go Lysol my children a few more times.

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  1. "the stupid anti-modern-medicine mountain hippies by killing off their children with Victorian era deseases" HAHAHA!

    My sister-in-law gave me a huge box of cloth diapers in various sizes that had been passed around by her 8 sisters, 4 sisters-in-law and countless cousins AND had only been used once or twice by all the women before they gave it up and took up disposables. Lesson learned! I didn't even try.