Thursday, April 7, 2011

Zoo Trip!

As promised, the girls and I went to the zoo this past weekend.

My friend Courtney (from high school, as I have no human contact outside of Kristina's preschool teachers in a normal week) came along, and was just awesome with the girls.

It also gave me the amazing realization that I actually do have friends who are happy to come hang out with me and the girls while not having children of their own.

(Crazy stuff, I know.)

The very first animal Kristina wanted to see was the giraffes, and she wasn't disappointed with the fabulous Denver Zoo.

I was a little sad to see that the albino giraffe that had been around when I was a kid has passed on sometime in the last 15 years. Apparently giraffes are not closely enough related to unicorns.

Kristina thought the zoo map was just the coolest thing, and had to study it in great detail to determine where we were going next frequently throughout the day.

She also was quite convinced of her superior navigating abilities, and firmly maintains that SHE found lunch while riding on Courtney's shoulders and holding the map in front of poor Courtney's face.

Adrianna thought the whole thing was fun, although she wasn't the most thrilled about my insisting she actually ride in the stroller on occasion.

Kristina voluntarily walked for most of the day (the stroller is a sit&stand which has a bench seat just for her on the back), which I was rather impressed by as I'm quite certain we walked at least 8 miles around that place thanks to Kristina's exceptional navigation skills and desire to go between animals at opposite sides of the zoo.

Adrianna also thought it was very awesome that there were so many handy climbing structures available for her.

Lunch (which Kristina insists she found after Courtney and I got a little lost) was a personal pizza affair, and the girls managed to polish off nearly all of one between the two of them. 

The zoo has also expanded (since I was little) to include a carousel and a little train, both of which were huge hits with Kristina. However, she did think we were a bit harsh to only let her go on each one once and insist we spend the rest of the time looking at animals.

(Sorry kiddo. I promise it won't seem that horrible of a fate in a few years.)

Kristina really liked most of the animals, although she was slightly disappointed in the MIA status of the tiger. And she wanted to see a horse. Despite having elephants, camels, sea lions, hyenas, penguins, and okapis (apparently they're related to giraffes, although they look more like a horse/zebra hybrid to me), the zoo had no horses.
Adrianna was quite the little trooper, and held it together in true rockstar style while her nap was pushed back 3 hours.

Now, I had somewhat thought she might just dose off in the stroller at some point, and despite getting floppy a few times and me lowering the sunshade to help encourage the potential snooze, she stayed awake until we were out of the zoo parking lot and driving home.

However, before we made our exit, we took a swing through the gift shop.

Kristina had been playing with a display of little plastic animals, and I asked her if she wanted to pick one out to buy.

And somehow, her choice became an 18 inch tall stuffed giraffe.

Ah well, at least she really seems to love it, as she's taken it everywhere with her and slept with it every night since.

Adrianna latched onto a cute little fuzzy stuffed elephant, and seemed to completely forget about the little stuffed unicorn we had brought with us but lost somewhere along the way.

But it's ok, because the zoo totally needed a unicorn exhibit.


  1. The otter was always my favorite when I was little cuz he performed for crowds. I miss how exciting the zoo used to seem. Now it just seems like a long way to walk.

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