Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Blogger Ponderance

At some point post my possibly preemptive and ultimately unnecessary personal freak out the Blogger system crash and temporary deletion of posts, my Scary Dolls post was reinstated in it's original form minus the comments, as I believe all other blogs were as well.

(Also, a huge THANK YOU to the incredibly thoughtful and always awesome Rachel over at Grasping for Objectivity for still having it in her non-Blogger blog feed during the technical hiccup and emailing a copy of it to me.)

However, the system glitch does bring up some serious contemplation about the limitations of blogging.

Presently I do not write anything or save anything that gets posted in any format besides Blogger. Which means I have no back up or copy of anything I have done in the last year should Blogger ever fully eat shit and die irreversibly crash. And although I don't consider much of what I write to be that amazing (although should you feel otherwise and desire to give me a writing job, I will fully support that opinion and would be more than happy to produce posts thoroughly discussing my supreme awesomeness accordingly), I do really like seeing what I have done. It does take work and time to write blog posts (even the crappy cop out ones), and it would be hard to suddenly loose all of it.

(Also, this about the only tangible thing I have beyond my children still being alive for "successes in life" right now, and as lame as that is I still kinda want to keep it.)

There are other similar (and by similar I mostly mean "free") blog hosting websites, such as Wordpress, which could always be an option. However, there are no guarantees that a different hosting site wouldn't have it's own technical issues from time to time. And I have to admit, I'm comfortable with Blogger at the moment and am not a big fan of unnecessary changes in general.

(Plus I know how to make it do what I want at this point, so I feel smart when I do fun internet techy things on it.)

The other option would be to get my own website. Now again, there is no guarantee that the host server couldn't just keel over one day, but I strongly suspect the probability of it doing so is supstantially less.

(Especially if I stop being cheap and actually paid for one.)

But again, I did NOT major in computer science (fun fact: I haven't taken a computer course in my entire life beyond 7th grade typing class) and therefore am at times easily intimidated by needing to do the internety code stuff to make my own website happen. One of the (possibly very few) real points Blogger has going for it is it's ease of initial clueless use, with the ability to expand what you are doing as your skills and interest grows. Anyone really can start a blog on Blogger, as it will walk you through the initial auto set up process, and you only need to mess with settings (that'd be the "make it pretty" formatting part) beyond that if you so choose.

That all said, I really do suspect I could create and maintain my own website, it would just take the proper motivation to make it happen.

(And chocolate. Computer crap always requires chocolate.)

However, that motivation is lacking for today (plus I'm totally not famous enough to make it worth it yet), so we will continue to hang out with Blogger for the time being.

Unless it decides to crap out at random times repeatedly. Then I just might find a little extra motivation to seriously reconsider blog hosting options.


  1. Blogger chased me off last year - I just couldn't take it anymore. I hired someone to do the initial transition for me, and it is so worth it. And I also pay a monthly fee for Vaultpress, a service that backs up my blog like every millisecond - $15 a month for peace of mind - priceless.

  2. I had my hubby make a website/blog for me about 4 years ago before he deployed. However I could not get it to work. I stuck with blogger. I would love to have my own website/blog but its going to be a while before he has time to do it again.

  3. I also had a copy of your Scary Dolls post on my RSS feed. This may be a dumb question, but have you considered backing up your blog? You export it (using the directions at the bottom of this page ) and just save that file on your computer to have a copy of all your posts and comments.

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