Friday, May 6, 2011

Confessions of the Compulsive Matcher

Alright world (and by world, I mostly mean family members who will be directly affected by this), I have a little confession to make to you.

I actually bought those matching outfits for all the little cousins I'd been drooling over a while back.

The excitement from the Nicaraguan cousins visiting DC coupled by me semi-definitely making plans to take the girls out to visit at the same time when a big pig roast party is planned and a very nice looking sale..... it was just to much!!

So now, the little children will get to be so adorably coordinately stripped while lined up in a height arranged little row!

(Well, with the exception of the girls' first cousin Aerik living out in California because SOME in-laws are being wimps about flying across the country on my whim for roasted pig and the most perfect photo opt ever. But I sent a romper to him anyways. So he can match long distancely. Because I'm a little crazy super inclusive like that, apparently.)

(And NO, it will NOT look like a prison picture. And YES, they will be smiling. Because I said so.)

And I may have even managed to match siblings for those who have siblings (ie-Adrianna and Kristina are both in bright pink) AND arrange the children in a color pattern according to descending height (navy/pink/light blue -repeat!) because I am just that awesome. No really, that is seriously AWESOME. Are you awed yet? You should be. And it didn't even involve dressing any of the baby boys in bright pink!

However, you should also marvel at my high levels of sanity and restraint by not having found an appropriately similar maternity top to put the pregnant Laura Jean in while insisting she sit at the end of the line to include her fetus in the photo. 


(Alternative plan: draw a small coordinately striped navy t-shirt on paper and safety pin it to her stomach. I'm sure she'll be thrilled. Or at least possibly indulgent. Because she loves me a lot. I hope.)

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