Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Cornell Misconception

I went to Cornell College.

Which is in a small town in Iowa.

But people don't usually hear that part. They hear "Cornell", and assume it was the big fancy Ivy league university that means you have super smarts, super money, and super connections in life.

And I am totally cool with that. So is every other Cornell alumni I've ever talked to about this.

(All two of them.)

However, at times it can be confusing. When we were living in New York, from time to time I would encounter a Cornell sweatshirt and start to be all excited about having found someone who also went to my Alma Martyr so far away from the midwest.

And then about three minutes into the conversation I would realize they went to the one out east.... you know, like two hours away from where we were. And then I got to fake it with lots of smiling and nodding until I got out of the causal encounter after I just boldly declared "OMG I went to Cornell too!"

The College and University were started by cousins in the same prominent Cornell family, but the College was first by four years. And that is a detail they are very proud of. At one point the University requested the College to change it's name to stop confusing people, and the College pretty much told them to shove it, they were here first.
Cornell College campus

A few years back, there was a big news to-do that flew through the Cornell alumni internet grape vine of an article about the University with this picture of the College featured alongside it. 

Oops... somebody didn't check their sources very well.

But really, I don't think people should have so much trouble keeping them straight. The three big name public schools in Colorado are the University of Colorado, the University of Northern Colorado, and Colorado State University, commonly abreviated CU, UNC, and CSU respectively.

Remarkably similar names if you ask me, and yet nobody has trouble keeping them (and most importantly, all their sports rivalries) all sorted out.

So dearest world, if you want to assume I have exceptionally brilliant intelligence and went to a top terr school, be my guest.

But you're really just being dumb about it.

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  1. I could totally pull of pretending to be one of them exceptionally brilliant top terr school... going...persons...yeah.