Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Double Edged Sword of Hand-Me-Downs

We have gotten truly unbelievable amounts of hand-me-downs for the girls.

Occasionally, I have been just a touch sad about the plethora of toys and clothes making their way into the house, for it means I don't get to go shopping for them myself no reason or need to buy more. 

But last week it was awesome.

I packed a big suitcase with 8 days worth of outfits (and the needed extra shirts and pants for when Adrianna has her five-outfit days and Kristina forgets to pull her pants down before using the toilet) for the girls for our trip out to DC.

On Monday.

When our plane left on Friday.

And as I gazed onto the suitcase to make sure we had everything, I realized that the only things in it that I personally have bought them were a few pairs of pajamas and socks.

That's right, ALL the sun dresses, ALL the shirts and shorts and jeans, ALL the panties, ALL the swimwear, ALL the sweaters... they were ALL given to us as hand-me-downs.

Now, I did ruin this amazing revelation slightly by sticking in their Easter dresses (which I did personally buy) at the last minute, along with some shoes.

But the point still stands.

Because they also wore hand-me-downs for the week prior, and still had plenty sitting on their shelves (ok, and thrown careless around their bedroom as I started to have rational mommy packing issues with Adrianna insisting on "helping" me) to last another week after we get back.

(Two if the weather cooperates!!)

So in exchange for not getting to pick out their wardrobes myself, we have saved thousands of dollars through a little luck and a little kindness.

Not a bad exchange these days, not a bad one at all.

Even if I sometimes get frustrated at being unable to match the girls as much as I'd like.

The adorable baby clothesline picture is by the incredibly talented Adele Enersen via Mila's Daydreams.

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  1. That photo is adorable. I loved getting hand-me-downs for my boys -- but now they're at the stage when clothes are generally worn out before they're out grown.

    I'd love to visit DC. Hope it is a great trip.