Saturday, May 7, 2011

Just Keep Swimming

I've tried hard to keep Kristina involved with activities since I could find could find activities for her (or us) to do.

(Yes, it was mostly because I was bored out of my mind, but that is a small detail.)

So from 5 months old, we've regularly had something extra to do. It started out as Kindermusik, and then as we moved across the country a few times and she got a little older we went onto Gymboree Play&Music, Toddler Gymnastics, Toddler Dance, Preschool Ballet and Tap, and Preschool Gymnastics.

However, since we have been in Colorado she's had no extra curricular activity.

 But being the guilt laden liberal arts mother that I am, that was going to change for the summer.

I looked long and hard for what programs are available, she's only three and although there's way more options than when she was 18 months, there are still a lot of age limitations, particularly in the sports department.

Kristina is an active child. I keep thinking about trying to stick her in piano lessons, and then keep envisioning her playing it with her feet while the poor elderly lady was attempting to teach her Chop Sticks.

(Or better yet, the violin she wants to play, which I'm sure wouldn't become a bashy club in under ten minutes.)
So a sport seemed the way to go.

She does like dance, and I've played with the idea of enrolling her in the Boulder Ballet School come fall (assuming I haven't gotten a job and a place to live somewhere else by then). We tried gymnastics, but her fear of heights caused a few issues and she just didn't seem to enjoy it as much as I had thought she would.

We needed something new.

We needed..... SWIMMING!

Now, part of why she's never taken swimming lessons before is because as a standard practice swim lesson providers insist that until she was three a parent has to be in the pool with her. I've never exactly been a big "lets go swimming" person, and found a baby and me music class to sound much more appealing that sitting around in pee filled chlorine with a wet squirmy baby I'm desperately trying not to let drown for an hour on a regular basis

But now she is THREE! Swim lessons will consist of me sitting on the sidelines taking pictures and flipping through a magazine! How awesome is that?!

So I pulled up the summer lesson guide for the local rec centers.

Do you know how long the summer swim lesson guide is just for preschoolers? I submitted projects in college that were shorter than that beast. But, after some preservation and careful schedule studying, I found the perfect course.

Many of them were four days a week for three weeks, which just does not jive with her preschool schedule or her Mommy's tolerance for the pool environment (even IF I don't have to actually be in the water with her). 

However there was one. Preschool I, for the 3-5 year olds who have never taken swim lessons before, meeting Saturday morning for 6 weeks during the summer.

It sounded PERFECT.

But it wasn't open for registration yet. I had to wait 4 days. And dangit, we were GOING to get that perfect class. 

I knew that Saturday classes for anything fill up crazy fast, so you better believe I was watching the clock that morning for summer registration to open at 8:30.

The computer system caused a slight hang up, as I had to figure out how to add her as a family member before it would let me enroll her in it and their site was going very slowly (probably on account of tons of people all trying to enroll at once).

But 20 minutes later, I had it!! And I was totally right about the Saturday classes filling up, by the time I was done enrolling her the class had two of the original nine spots still open.

So on Saturday mornings from 9:30 to 10:00 during the summer she will be learning how to not drown in the East Boulder pool. And I will be watching. And it will be awesome.


I mean, it's not like there's been any other events that I've ever thought she'd immensely enjoy which she ended up hating.....


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  1. I loved my swim lessons as a kid and it always wore me out so two Yays! there for you!