Monday, May 9, 2011

Lipstick Switcheroo

Kristina is fascinated by the process of me putting on makeup in the morning (note: "putting on makeup" means eyeliner, simplest application of eyeshadow imaginable, and a quick smear of lip stuff all of which is usually done in less than three minutes and with at least one child clinging to my leg), and often asks for me to put makeup on her as well.

She has worn makeup on a few occasions, in the same sense as I let her clomp the house in plastic high heels and clip on earings, but on general principle I'm not one for letting my preschooler put on lipstick on a regular basis.

However, SHE doesn't know that.

You see, when she asks to wear lipstick too I like to pull the good old lipstick switch on her.

The picture illustrates two lip products from my makeup bag. The one on the left is a light moisturizing lip colorant which I put on me, the one on the right is pomegranate chap stick which I put on her (and recently, Adrianna, thanks to her overwhelming case of metooism).

And she has yet to realize they are not one in the same.

So this way I get to indulge her in what she wants to do while also not being a horrible mother for actually letting her wear makeup and feeling quite comfortable with the knowledge that she is merely applying a little lip balm, which I might very well be putting on her for chapped lips anyways.

Now I just need to make sure she stays ignorant of what chap stick really is for another 12 years or so....


  1. I remember my mother catching me putting on her base makeup when I was younger. Its embarrassing to think how much I used to cake on back then.