Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Little Known Danger of Chex Mix

I have never personally made Chex Mix in my life.

However, through my astute observations of a bag that was delivered to the house via a friend of my mother, it appears that you simply dump some of whatever miscellaneous snacks and cereal you have around into a bowl and sprinkle some garlic on top.

After spending 6 years cooking for someone who (along with his entire extended family) strongly feels that there is no such thing as too much garlic, I TOTALLY get this last step, and have been known to add garlic to pretty much everything besides chocolate.

So, we had a bag of garlic Chex Mix sitting around. And I thought it would be a good idea to give cups of it to my children while I neglected them to check my email they watched a movie. Because really, I can usually weasel out a solid 20 minutes of not doing any active parenting if they're well stocked with snacks and drinks and Disney.

That is SO worth the risk of a few crumbs.

However, although I am not actively parenting them when I sneak away, you had better believe I am intently listening to the little rascals making sure everybody is relatively ok and not beating each other up or setting things on fire or smashing things with a large stick or escaping from the family room.

I heard Adrianna get down from the couch and toddle into her bedroom, and didn't think anything terrible of it as the most damage that'll happen in their room would be the books getting pulled off the bookcase in there.

Well, Adrianna could start climbing and get somewhere high and promptly fall off and crack her skull open where she'll start bleeding profusely and possibly have permanent brain damage...

Alright alright, I should go see what, exactly, she's doing.

Oh no worries, she was just rolling around on her bed satanically giggling and smashing the remains of her garlic Chex Mix into a fine and highly scented powder that will ensure her mattress and sheets forever smell like a deliciously flavored pot roast.

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  1. I wonder what her plan was there. Like, the satanic giggling had to mean she had an idea in her head right?