Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

Today is a national holiday in the US.

Kids get off school, government gets off work, and even the occasional business is closed.

And it is generally hallmarked as the true beginning of summer.

But the sentiment is much greater to some.

Do you know what this picture is?

It is the fallen soldier table from the St. Barbara's Ball we attended last summer.

One is set up at every military ball, and it is always recognized with due solemnity and honor.

It's also one of my most hit blog posts from people searching for it.

Which is actually kinda cool.

(Also, MUCH better than the perverted panties searches that keep ending up here as well.)

But it makes me think that it is something people do not know enough about in general, nor would there be a great plethora of information about it readily available (even on the internet).

Or so I am assuming, since my blog sure isn't that famous (YET) to be at the top of the search results unless it's one of the only sources of information about the fallen soldier table available.

And it's that lack of information that is sad.

We are still a country at war, service members are still deployed overseas and families are still left behind.

And sometimes, lives are lost in combat.

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