Sunday, May 1, 2011

Never Insult a Blogger

Insulting bloggers is bad idea.

Especially when the insulting party does not keep a blog of their own.

Bloggers have this whole universe totally rotating around them getting to write whatever they please, and they just might use that power to mention how non-bloggers insulting what a blogger does is very bad idea, as the blogger has all the venue to discuss, rant, and point out stupidities in the other person's argument, while the non-blogger lacks that wonderful medium to retaliate in.

Also, as most bloggers do actually work relatively hard at what they do for exceptionally little compensation (besides, of course, knowing they are changing the world and all that non-monetary gratification crap), they don't take the dismissal of what they do as trivial very lightly, and in fact might be so tempted to go consult with the local neighborhood witch doctor to bring about a nice case of voodoo pin stabbing on the insulting party. 

That is all. Have a wonderful day.

Unless you recently dissed upon the art form of blogging and the skills of those who do so. Then you will have a not so wonderful day and possibly a sharp pain in your left shoulder some time soon.

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