Friday, May 27, 2011

Oh, The Irony: Yogurt Edition

Kristina and Adrianna were sitting at the kitchen table eating yogurt.

Adrianna, although only a mere 16 and a half months old, is actually quite adept at using a spoon to feed herself.

When she so chooses to, that is.

However, this yogurt day was more of the finger paint and impromptu facial variety. 

Kristina was surveying the damage her sister was causing from across the table where she was neatly devouring hers, and observed that Adrianna wasn't doing a very good job eating today.

And then, just as she went on to point out how she personally was NOT making a mess, she some how accidentally dropped her spoon by flinging it into the air where it spun around three times before impressively splattering onto the table.

Adrianna thought the trick was delightful, started giggling and promptly flung her yogurt covered spoon into my lap.

But it gets worse better.

A few days later the girls were having yogurt again.

Adrianna had brought a ball to the table with her this particular meal, which is not at all unusual as she frequently insists on bringing on whatever she had been playing with along and I decided long ago that a My Little Pony sitting on the table next to her as she happily ate her food didn't bother me in the slightest (while her screaming bloody murder sure did).

But today, it wasn't a pony or a stethoscope or a little doll.

It was a ball.

Balls ROLL.

And when they get covered in yogurt, they track a lovely line of yogurt across the table. And then they fall off the table and continue their yogurt spread across the floor as well.

I may initiate the bio-hazard suite and plastic room covering requirement before the next feeding of yogurt.


  1. ah, messes! my position on them has always been, as long as they aren't deliberate or meanly done (*ahem* yogurt tossed at a sibling for the mere pleasure of hearing them scream, not that that would ever happen w/ my nephews or anything! LOL) they can be great photo ops..! ; )

  2. Yogurt is a necessary evil at our 2 year old loves it but it is extremely messy. I am only glad my dining room does not have carpet...