Monday, May 2, 2011

Pilfering Lunch

When I pick Kristina up from preschool, the kids are usually finishing up their lunch. The ones staying for the afternoon will then have tea time (it's soooo cute, they actually serve the kids Sleepytime Tea in little fancy china cups and read stories out loud to them) followed by nap time, while the other monkeys get to go home and terrorize their mother for the afternoon.

What?? I needed some more lunch.
Adrianna is a big fan of going to Kristina's little preschool (she would totally be attending too if given the choice, too bad she needs to be 2.5 first), so I usually bring her with me for drop off and pick up.

(Plus Grandpa gets whiny when I ditch him with her too much, although I keep asking what else is retirement for besides taking care of one's precious grandchildren?)

And Adrianna has quite the little racket going at the preschool's lunch time.

Not only does she immediately go over and sit down in the newly vacated seat and help herself to the half eaten leftovers when Kristina jumps up to come give me a hug, but she will also stealthily start to wander around the tables and try to help herself to whatever food the other kids may have.

And she's remarkably successful at both mooching off her big sister (as I never ever feed her, apparently; and most certainly not her own lunch right before we go, that would just be crazy) and at stealing delicacies from preschoolers not paying enough attention to their lunches.

I think she has excellent "gathering" survival skills, no doubt inherited from my far superior hunter-gatherer gene pool.

What's that Mother? What do you mean I almost starve and/or get seriously affected by scurvy if left completely to my own cooking devices for extended periods of time? That's totally irrelevant as long as I can find and gather french fries M&Ms Chinese takeout dinner.

And then, perhaps a Weight Watchers....

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