Saturday, May 21, 2011

Pink Toenails

There has been a big uprising in recent weeks over a J. Crew add that featured a mother painting her son's toenails bright pink.

The conservative response was less than favorable, most of which I would say is way overblown bluster over what is essentially nothing. 

In response to the conservative response, the liberal approach took up a bold protest movement.

And started a (facebook) pink toenail event.

Overall, the whole situation strikes me as fairly stupid.

Everything from the fact that toenail polish comes right off with nail polish remover to the stupid ideas of "gender" being imposed on something which is simply imitation play... it is just dumb. And the pink toenail response protest is almost as bad for continuing to make a political issue out of something that shouldn't be politicized in the first place.

I had no serious intention of participating, not to mention details like my children being little girls who are halfway expected to prance around with pink toenails at least occasionally during their childhood anyways.

But, as Kristina choose last week to start begging for me to paint her toenails for the first time, the girls ended up with pink toes anyways.

Aren't they cute? Whomever created super fast drying nail polish is a GENIUS.


  1. Adorable!!!

    I missed all of that controversy. What was the point of her painting his toenails in the first place? Sounds just weird...

  2. I thought the whole boys wearing pink think was especially ridiculous given that up until 100 years ago pink was a decidedly boys color and blue was a girls color.

  3. I read something (there was an article, somewhere... sometime....) back before all this happened that said it wasn't until post WWII that the gender colors really got set like they are today, and talked about things like all babies wearing white because it was easy to bleach and hand-me-downs going through the lines regardless of gender.