Thursday, May 26, 2011

Things I Should Know, But Apparently Don't

I have many moments in my life where pause to go "right, I should have known that". Some people have affectionately (I think) made reference to whether I'm really a natural blond or even gone so far to state that Kristina gets the blond color from Peter and the blond personality from me.

(You can't see, but I'm totally doing the lazer eyes of fiery death in regards to that allegation.)

But then, what fun is having blond stupid moments and keeping a blog if you can't fully exploit your own idiocies! Plus I'm sure it's only fair after exploiting stories about my children's poopoos. So here are some of my recent "I should have known that, but apparently didn't" moments for you to enjoy.

Power outages reset alarm clocks.
Now obviously I noticed the clock flashing 12:16 at me after the power came back on, and went about reprogramming it to the correct time. However I did NOT think to check the alarm before switching it to on when I was going to bed later that evening, and promptly woke myself up at midnight. BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP. In my defense, the alarm clock I'm presently using is probably older than I am, and I DID previously use an alarm clock that did NOT reset itself during a power outage. I think.  

Brightly colored bras show through white shirts.
I know, this is one of those really obvious ones, but let me fill you in with the back story. So one day I set out to buy a white shirt, and although I had fully decided upon this adventure the day prior, did not properly take it into account when getting dressed that morning and chose to wear the bright-teal-with-multicolored-polka-dots one. Polka dots showing through are VERY distracting when trying on tops. Also, this is not something to lament about on facebook, as you will quickly learn that all your male friends are immature jerks.

Kids can smell chocolate breath.
I have become very sneaky and devious in my mid-day chocolate snacking as to avoid the need to share with my children (because really, I already let them have cookies for breakfast, I gotta at least pretend I'm a competent adult occasionally). But I always forget that Kristina has super chocolate senses (she gets those from me) and can totally tell when I've been eating it and subsequently demands for some too. And for the longest time, I could NOT figure out how she knew I'd been eating chocolate... that is, until Peter told me she could smell it on my breath. Oops.

Salt and pepper containers can look the same. 
So I was attempting to put salt on something shortly after arriving at my parents' house, and the "salt" I had grabbed was coming out black. Well that's sure weird.... can salt go bad? Could some mold have grown in it? Maybe some dirt got into it? *ponder ponder ponder* OH!! It's the PEPPER. Riiiiiggght...... ok ok, in my defense, MY pepper shaker was one of those grinder things, and not a salt-identical holed cup. With a "P" on it......


  1. I can completely relate. I have many of my own "Duh" moments. For example, me and the man were always arguing over where we got our weather info and I just assumed it was because we used different websites but he recently pointed out to me that I'd been look at Springfield, IL weather and not our Springfield, MO weather...oops...

  2. When I went to try on wedding dresses, I knew that the saleswoman would be helping me try on the dresses so I put on my best bra and panty set. It didn't occur to me that my best bra and and panty set might not have been the best choice as they were BLACK. Yea. I like to keep it classy.

  3. Children can also smell you opening candy in the car when you are trying to be sneaky by eating it then.