Monday, May 23, 2011

Turtle Float

The Turtle Float is the annual fundraiser put on by Kristina's non-profit preschool, Over the Rainbow.

I 'assisted' with the event a few years back when I was working at the school for the summer, and thought it was mildly fun to watch while doing very little to actually DO anything for it.

Although I DID take all these pretty pictures, which you should be making appropriate ooh and aah noises over and feeling overwhelmingly compelled to sponsor a turtle as a result of seeing them in their full awesomeness.

Oh, and baby Kristina thought the whole thing was just enthralling, and demonstrated such by taking a nap.

It starts with the dumping of individually numbered small plastic turtles into the creek that runs through the middle of Nederland, where they are then collected farther down stream just before they hit the mountain reservoir by some seriously dedicated parents in waders with nets.

No really, the turtle catching parents are just awesome and in a total league above the rest of us non-turtle-catching-wanna-be-badass-poser-parents.

Despite their best efforts, every year a few manage to escape or get lost in the bushes, so if you ever happen to see a random little green turtle floating down Boulder Creek, now you know why.

Then the recaptured turtles are tossed into a kiddie-pool "pond", where they are pulled out by random as a drawing for all the prizes donated by local businesses.

The local businesses are also given the opportunity to sponsor a big duckie, which gets sent down the river prior to the turtle tossing. The business are expected to decorate them (and some can get quite elaborate, not to mention competitive) and they are then displayed for votes to be cast for the best dressed duck by the general populous during the High Peaks Art Festival.

And now I am a parent, and as such I have super duper parent responsibilities to support the school. However, as I am not the waders-and-a-net turtle catching sort of mommy, I'm going to be totally lame and only do what they absolutely insist all parents do.

(Yeah yeah, lets see you volunteer to get on your waders and go catch some turtles in snow melt water for your 3 year old's preschool.)

This year specifically includes the requirement of families selling tickets to sponsor a turtle, with all the fund-raising from the event is going towards the school buying the building which they have been renting for years and years.

So... anyone want to sponsor a turtle for $5 to support Kristina's super awesome non-profit community preschool? Anyone? Anyone at all??

(Why yes, this WOULD be the lazy momma way of selling her assigned tickets.... but think of what a good cause!) 

I'm working on adding a paypal gadget to the blog for this, but in the mean time if you are so inclined to want a turtle to be sent swimming on your behalf, please feel free to email me at to work out the details. You will need to provide your name, address, and phone number for the entry ticket. And I will provide much praise and adoration and long rambling gushing about your totally awesome wonderfulness for doing so.


  1. I hope you sell very many turtles tickets and become known as THE Super Duper Awesome Parent known all through out the system. :D

  2. how neat! do you actually get to keep the turtle or do they use the same turtles year after year? (i ask because i collect turtles, so if you happened to find one stuck in the bushes & wanted to mail it to me... *grin*)

  3. @Cassi- Excellent! Can I just sign you up for all 10?? :-p

    @Brandy- Damn straight I'm going to be THE Super Duper Awesome Parent. Or like, the slacker single mom whose 20 years younger than everyone else. But those are totally like the same thing, right?

    @Carmar- They do use the same turtles every year, but I happen to know for a fact that baby Kristina somehow managed to make off with one in 2008, so it IS possible... ;-)