Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Ultimate Pink Room, Gone Green

HGTV (a television network) has an annual Green Home Giveaway, which I may have been slightly scoffing of in years prior (psssh, green building? sustainable landscaping? solar panels? who wants to win that!) and never given much thought to before.

But then they ran a commercial mentioning that their current one was in Stapleton Colorado (the one right in Denver, not the one waaaaay southwest). That's totally where I'm looking for jobs! Perfectly convenient location to everything! And it's in a nice new neighborhood pandering towards families!

I could totally go for winning a house there!!

So then I went online to enter (hey, my odds of winning are probably about as good as my chances for being hired at a living wage for a job I want, so I'm totally optimistic about the possibility!), and took a quick browse through the online house picture gallery.

And do you know what it comes with?? A PINK ROOM!!!

That's even pinker than I was planning on making it in my wildest of indulgent pink fantasies!!

(And like, that previous mostly practical for renting an apartment pink plan I had? Psssh, total dog kibble compared to this ultra pink beastie.)

As I just so happen to know two little girls who would be overjoyed with that room, I am now even more endeared to the idea of the Green Home Giveaway. Just look at that epic levels of pinkness.... truly epic.

The rest of the house, although somewhat decoratively unremarkable for my personal tastes (and the popsicle stick chair really would have to go), does appear to have a very nice floor plan that would be really quite livable. There's a third small bedroom upstairs and a reasonably big loft space that totally fits the 'playroom' I had hoped to find. There's also a mega sized multipurpose laundry room downstairs that would be a just fabulous alternative from the kitchen table for craft projects (you know, once I remove all the very nice fabric furniture and put down some lament floor mats for my children to destroy).

But all is not perfect in sustainable building land.

The house doesn't have a welcoming (much less red) front door, and the back yard isn't the biggest nor does it come well equipped with children play accessories, however I am confident I could manage to exchange that fancy schamcy grill for a small swing set and sandbox.

You know, as I make great personal sacrifices for something they're potentially giving me for free.

Oh, and it comes with an 2011 CMC Terrain crossover SUV. Because really, who couldn't use one of those!?

Yep, it'd truly would be just an excellent solution for moving out on my own. Now I just have to hope my odds of stupid dumb luck are substantially higher than they have ever been before.

(And as long as I'm dreaming, could I also get a job less than a ten minute commute away as well? Thanks Life, I'd really appreciate it. Oh, and cheap but still awesome en route childcare would be nice too. And maybe a pony....)


  1. Oh, I LOVE that room. Need to save that picture to decorate our kid's room.

  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RLRLhV9U0kQ "pink is my favorite crayon..."

  3. WOW. Just WOW. I like pink -- if for no other reason than it breaks up the monotony of royal blue and red laundry that is part and parcel of raising boys -- but this is pink overload. I think it's the pink ceiling AND pink carpeting. But I'm sure every girl I know under 18 would adore that room.

    Good luck!