Thursday, May 5, 2011

Using That College Diploma

I think the worst part about applying for jobs is the week following the closing date for applying to that particular position you really really want. You spend it staring at the phone, hoping they'll call for an interview. You check your email even more often than normal, scanning for that ever-coveted reply. You hope and pray and even occasionally indulge in daydreaming about all the awesome places where that career would take you in life.

And then the week is up, and you still haven't heard anything back. You know it means they didn't want you, and yet still manage to keep a glimmer of the possibility alive in the back of your mind. Well, maybe they'll still call....

And then a second week has passed, and you start to forget about the position entirely. You've applied for so many you really wanted and never got close to, what difference does this one make?

And then by the end of the third week you get the official word. You were not selected for an interview, they are pursuing other candidates at this time.

But they wish you the best of luck in your employment endeavors! Of course, you can't help but be cynical and think that if they really mean that they would have just given you half a chance for the damn job in the first place.

Needless to say my personal job search hasn't been making the progress I had hoped it would be by now. And sadly, I'm presently knowing of MORE people out of work and looking than I did a few months ago, which doesn't bode well or do much to inspire confidence in my personal potential for securing anything employment wise.

Luckily, awesome people like Grant Snider over at Incidental Comics do things like this, which makes the whole thing just a little bit more bearable.


  1. I knew there was a use for that thing!

  2. Mine is just a decoration on the wall. And a reminder to pay my student loan bill...

  3. @CassiMac: Totally!!

    @Brooke: By my calculations, I will be paying off my student loan bills until right about the time the girls go off to college, when I get to start paying for them....

    @BrandyRose: And he didn't even include Politics or History!

  4. I ha e so many friends right now with big expensive degree's that are working in call centers, or in my sister's case in the mailroom. I thought they said the degree was how you became successful in life...