Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Weatherly Woes

Why yes, I AM going to whine more about Colorado weather and it's recent tendency for snowing in May, an experience I'm sure all of you will greatly enjoy.
There's a driveway out there somewhere. And a garden. Maybe.

Because since my last whining-about-snow-in-May post, it has snowed to very noticeable accumulation levels three times.  


My mother planted some bulbs in her garden last fall, and we have yet to see a tulip or daffodil open up BECAUSE THE PLANTS KEEP GETTING BURIED IN SNOW, and apparently aren't quite stupid enough to want to blossom under those conditions.

(Can't imagine why.....)

Sandbox? I think you mean Snowbox.
And do you want to know what it does in between snowing events? The snow melts, which turns the dirt roads into quagmires of mud and continues to assure my car's semi-permanent non-gray color status. It also brings about potholes that require extreme evasive maneuvers for the daily drive.

However, I also have children, which means the mud is also a major pain in the ass for taking them out to play.

Now, don't get me wrong, they love playing in the mud and I am more than willing to put up the dirty hands and pants that come with childhood.

But snow melt mud is a different breed. Snow melt mud is COLD.

Do you know what happens after children splash around in COLD snow melt muddy puddles? They get COLD. And dirty And whiny. And then you have to take them inside to get them changed and warmed back up, even though you were only outside for 8 minutes and everyone is going stir crazy in the house desperately wanting it to be summer already. 


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