Saturday, June 25, 2011

Adventures in Telluride: Hula-Hooping Hippies

The first day of the festival I spent most of time starring in wonder at the medley of people surrounding us.

Coming from the Boulder area, I was totally expecting the hippies in some quantity and barely blinked at the assorted dirty dreadlocks passing by.

(I'm still sticking with my assertion that white people just shouldn't wear dreadlocks, even if some of them seemed very like very nice people.)

But these Telluride hippies were at another level altogether.

They were hula-hooping hippies. 

My introduction to them came on the bus ride into the festival the first day. She came sprinting up the hill from the campground hollering for the bus to stop, with an armful of hula-hoops bouncing along slung over her arm.

After managing to catch the bus, she chose the seat right in front of me. I offered to help hold the hula-hoops upright in the aisle as she shrugged out of her hippie satchel and sat down. At which point she appeared to completely forget about their existence and left me holding them while she gazed out the window and began chatting about hats to the unfortunately hatted gal in the seat with her.

When the advice of someone sitting near me to "accidentally let the damn things bump into her" failed to get her attention back to the hula-hoops, I resigned myself to being the lame pushover 'nice' hula-hoop holder for the bus ride while other neighboring individuals debated whether she was merely very high or had been indulging in boomers (mushrooms) already as well.

Bus hippie is girl on the right in the white top/striped skirt.
She did, eventually, remember about the hula-hoops as we made our approach to town, and thanked me for holding them while returning them to her care. And then completely didn't notice other people getting onto the bus and needing climb through the hoops just to get to the seats farther back at the stops in town as she continued to discuss the merits of straw head wear with her (undoubtedly regretting wearing a hat at this point) hatted seat mate.

And then at the festival there were whole groups of hula-hooping hippies scattered around the place! I had no idea this was such a popular thing to do!

Also, hula-hoops appear to be MUCH more fascinating when one is in a slightly altered state of consciences.

Or so I'm assuming from their numerous hours spent playing with a plastic circle.

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