Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Baby Eats

Every parent has an epic potty story, and every parent also has a pretty epic "My child just ate WHAT?" story.

Sometimes they're even directly related or parts of the same story!

I have seen food eaten off the bottom of shoes (although, miraculously, not my child on that one), Kristina has licked the car's left rear tire and eaten a french fry off the truck stop bathroom floor. Adrianna has eaten a glue stick, playdough, crayons, and that stuff made of sticky styrofoam balls (and then pooped rainbow colored styrofoam balls for the following week).

Both girls have ingested horrifying large healthy quantities of sand, dirt, and mud, along with the occasional pine cone or dandelion. 

Yep, just another day in the life of toddlers.

So what is the most outrageous or unbelievable (or even just down right nasty) thing YOUR child has eaten?


  1. Don't have kids, so gonna go with "cats" on this one.
    My favorite was when my cat ate Christmas Tinsel - and the following sparkling poops.

  2. Ack.

    The worst I've seen Ali eat was a ladybug. She wasn't very impressed with the flavor.