Monday, June 27, 2011

Birthday Party Ponderance

Kristina has spent the last two Saturdays attending the birthday parties of her two closest preschool buddies, and the weekend before those celebrating mine.

Which mean that in addition to ingesting copious amounts of cake the past few weeks, she has also been giving birthdays a lot of serious thought.

Mostly, who she wants to invite to her birthday party.


I guess that means she's having a birthday party come August.

Gee, it's almost July, shouldn't someone be organizing this shin dig and agonizing over which overpriced party favors to get?

Oh right, that someone would be me.

I put on a fairly big show for her last birthday, with lots of planning and food (and being stood up by half the guests).
It was just like this. But with balloons.

I stressed and agonized about getting the perfect party theme together. I spent ridiculous amounts of time searching out all the perfectly coordinated tableware and party favors. I ordered the perfect chocolate cake with personalized frosted ponies. I sacrificed my flesh to the torrent of early morning mosquitoes to get pastel balloons tied up all over the backyard.

I totally pulled of the suburban mommy coordinated birthday affair down to a T.

This year, I'm just not feeling it.

I'm sure I could get mildly excited about picking out girly themed paper plates if I were to actually go browse one of the party stores.

I could even go out on a limb and ask Kristina which ones she would want.

But I'm not eager to host much of anything these days.

I've been considering a nice hosting cop-out option, like having her party at the zoo or children's museum where I will simply pay money and then a nice crew of minimal wage staff people take care of everything AND entertain the children.

But those things aren't the cheapest, and there isn't exactly a plethora of cash floating around these days.

And then comes the logistical pain of details like inviting all her friends that live up here in the mountains and the zoo being over an hour drive away in the big and intimidating city.

So then I started really trying to use my creative problem solving skills (I think I used to have some pretty good ones. Like, back when I got sleep and was actually required to have reasonable cognitive function on a regular basis), and to come up with something to do that wouldn't require the more traditional house hosting by me and would also be local and maybe even sorta cheap economical.

There is a horse place we drive by every time we go into town that advertises trail rides, and Kristina has asked a couple of times to going horse back riding recently.

Of course, she also hasn't been on a horse in a year and a half..... and who knows if any of her little preschool friends have ever been riding........

Ok, maybe horseback riding is a risky venture for a four year old's birthday.

But wait, what about the mountain carousel?! Kristina was very excited about riding the carousel in DC a few weeks back, surely that excitement could somehow be incorporated into a birthday party! 

*strokes imaginary goatee thoughtfully*

I wonder if I can find carousel themed paper plates.....

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