Thursday, June 30, 2011

Brilliant Play

I often find myself forcing Kristina to play.

It's not that she lacks for ample toys or imagination to use with them, but rather that she LOVES to interact with people and would happily spend her whole life in a small group of peers chasing each other around and equates playing by herself to punishment.

But yesterday I made a BRILLIANT discovery.

It was one of those "Eureka!" moments where the world suddenly became a little clearer and I almost had a true glimmer of understanding of how to be a parent.

You see, yesterday instead of asking her to go play with her toys while I put laundry away like usual, I specifically asked her to go pick up the Legos.

Adrianna has been going through quite the dumping phase, and her favoritest bucket of all to dump out with it's loud clattering and colorful splatter is the large Lego bin.

Needless to say, I've been doing pretty much nothing besides picking up Legos the last two weeks, and was more than happy to assign the task to my otherwise unoccupied preschooler when I remembered that she's supposed to be doing more to help around the house.

(You know, attempting to reduce my waiting on her hand and foot as she is nearly four and occasionally competent in her own right.)

((But only occasionally, and it's like pulling teeth to get her to do something she doesn't fancy doing at the time.))

But in place of picking up the Legos as I had asked, she sat down and started getting out the wooden blocks to play with instead.

Had I told her to go build with her blocks, she certainly would have been coming into her bedroom every three seconds asking for me to play with her.

(Or to help her catch an ant, like she did that morning.....)

But no, instead she was procrastinating doing the assigned chore by PLAYING with her TOYS.

This was very exciting.

Until, of course, half an hour later when the entire floor was covered with Legos, wooden blocks, and the entire continents of the toy holding bookcase Adrianna had completely emptied while her sister had been building a castle.

But hey, I got the laundry put away in record time and with NO interference, which is a pretty big miracle all in of itself, so perhaps the clean up chore awaiting me was worth it.

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