Friday, June 10, 2011

Cars, Trucks, and Adorable Little Girls

The day before we jetted off on our grand adventure to DC, Kristina's preschool put on it's spring program.

The affair has grown over the years from something quite modest in the school to something that requires renting out the community center auditorium with full stag.

And this year, Kristina was slated for the role of Rosie the Little Red Car.

I believe the song is an old one, and I have not been able to find it anywhere online when searching except for a few references of children in the 1950s. Kristina had questions about the lyrics when she was practicing for it which I couldn't answer, and it was just appalling to her that Mommy didn't know something and was unable to immediately find it.

(Anyone happen to know the little diddy or where to find it? By all means, please share!)

But she was just adorable on stage even without the extra practice time at home.



For the Christmas Kristina was 16 months old, "Santa Clause" got her a big yellow dump truck she had greatly admired in stores on more than a few occasions.

"Santa Clause" had witnessed the appeal of these trucks in the toddler/preschool crowd and their never failing popularity at childcare centers over the years, so it seemed like a good sturdy toy investment that year. 

And right on schedule, Adrianna took up a great interest in the big yellow dump truck herself.


However, she also lucked out with an awesome big sister to lend the occasional hand.

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  1. The man used to ride his dump truck down hills when he was little and wants to get one for the kid. I asked him how many times he injured himself doing it and he doesn't want to answer that question...