Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cousinly Outakes

So there are many cute pictures of the little (and even a few of the big) cousins playing together, which I have every intention of posting more from over the next little bit.

But the outtakes are way more fun.

Caleb (far right with navy stripes) had JUST smacked Adrianna in the head (note LauraJean's arm rushing in to save my child as I continued to snap pictures).

Even better, his big sister Grace (third in from the right, also wearing navy stripes) protectively grabbed onto Adrianna while attempting to shove Caleb away. 

Kristina and Quinn are oblivious to all of it (including us trying to take their picture) because the baby had just joined them. And babies are awesome.

Jamie needed a close and personal look at his work on Edna the Pig. 

Eric says:
"You cannot take my pig. No, this is my pig. I don't care if you're an old man. And my uncle. It's mine. MINE. My pig.

I was attempting to take a picture of the girls looking all purdy in their dresses after church.

It didn't go well.

In addition to the camera settings being off (and me not noticing) my children *cough KRISTINA cough* were a little less than cooperative.

Another attempt to capture adorableness post-church.

Which instead just managed to capture Adrianna spontaneously falling over backwards.

(Why yes, she almost 18 months and has been walking almost half her life and sitting for longer and really should be beyond the spontaneously falling over stage, thank you for asking.)

 I'm actually not entirely sure what all happened to cause this one, but it's a poor quality photo capturing an adorable little smile of Adrianna's in the kitchen.

I suspect Kristina may have taken it from the view and framing. Apparently she'd be going for the anti-headless approach when photographing her sister.

 I'm not entirely sure what was going on in this one either, but I thought Kristina holding the axe while attending to Quinn was mildly amusing with the restrained Adrianna and cluster of unconcerned adults in the back ground.

Adrianna REALLY like Quinn's little green stroller, and spent much time hanging out in it all on her own accord.

Holly using the zappy bug racket while wearing Kristina's hat with Adrianna crying strong objection to her not sharing. Good times, good times indeed.


 Now if only I could ethically use it on my children...

And then there are some pictures that just capture such a seen of unbridled childhood chaos...

I was also impressed by Tim's ability to focus on reading his book while the unbridled childhood chaos spilled onto the couch next to him. 

There really should be a limit to how many "slightly less than flattering" pictures of one person I can post.

Too bad there isn't.

Sorry Holly, you just look so cute and silly holding your nose and your coffee.

And Adrianna is making off with the computer. With lazer shooting eyes.

I ALMOST captured the sweetest picture of LauraJean and nephew Caleb outside in the garden.

Then Caleb moved his big head in the way.

But look, doesn't LauraJean have pretty hair??

And some days I think the adults had more fun playing together than the kids did.

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