Sunday, June 19, 2011

Local Plug: Chainsaw Art

One of the very cool and unique aspects of Nederland is the local artists.

From the people who make a garden in the snow of knitted flowers in front of the library, to those whose musical talent fills the beer tents at Frozen Dead Guy Days, the small mountain town is bursting with creativity of a very special flavor.

One of my favorites though is the guy who does Chainsaw Art.

You can hear him most nice days hard at work, and are welcome to go visit his home and workshop (just follow the noise of the chainsaw through town) during the High Peaks Art Festival June 25th and 26th, which, incidentally, is also when Kristina's preschool is having their annual fundraiser and Turtle Float. Have you bought raffle tickets for that yet? There's still time!

He has done many big pieces for the town, including the large bear in front of the mining museum in town and the Frozen Dead Guy Day skeleton (which is not up right now, check back next March). 

And even one of the girls favorite stops outside, our very cute welcome bear.

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  1. OMG, I had to Google Frozen Dead Guy Days - that is so funny!