Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Matching Cousins!

Remember the multiple rambling blog posts about how I had this VISION of matching cousins all lined up in a row?

Well, I got it!

Aren't they a cute bunch?

Now admittedly, this wasn't EXACTLY the photo I had envisioned, as they are totally out of order.

But that was because it didn't start out as THE photo shoot.

It started as the three big girls sitting on the couch all on their own oh-so-cutely, and then we just started throwing babies in.

And then Caleb (big guy on the end) started whacking Adrianna in the head, which made for a quick ending of the picture taking.

I thought there would be the chance to do another picture later, but it just didn't happen with everything going on with the pig roast before people started peeling off with cranky children.

But I shall be content with this. For it is remarkably cute, even if it could have had a few more smiles.


  1. It is very cute. Nice that you were able to get them all in their outfits, in one place, and with a picture! I love matching outfits!!!

  2. I love how Adrianna is holding her head because Caleb just beat her and Caleb is like what? I didn't do it.