Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Pig Roast

When I originally started looking at going out to DC for a family visit, it was because LauraJean was going to be in town taking a break for a few weeks from her missionary work in Nicaragua.

Now I have mentioned LauraJean and her adorable little daughter Quinn on several prior occasions, but I don't know if I've ever managed to fully convey how much I admire and adore her.

(No really, she's just totally awesome!)

And as Kristina feels the exact same way about her cousin Quinn, a non-international visit to see them seemed most certainly in order.

Oh, and there is a husband/father person named Tim who Adrianna is now particularly smitten with after he spent the entire week feeding her chips. 

So all and all, a family we are all very fond of and needed to go visit.

Plus, it's not like I don't spend most of my time sitting around moping about my lack of employment and finding distraction from my plausible failure in life with the internet otherwise unoccupied beyond the basic care of my children anyways, and I can totally do that just as efficiently on the other side of the country.

Oh, and Kristina's preschool was closed for the week. So we REALLY needed some other distractions going on anyways.

And then, after making some passing communications about my thoughts of visit with the relatives we'd be bumming around with, I was informed that Memorial Day weekend was also holding their annual Pig Roast.

The event started as a more standard family birthday party as there is a set of brothers and now one's wife as well who all have birthdays within a week of each other across that weekend.

But being the strapping young male food enthusiast he is, older brother Jamie ambitiously took on the roasting of an entire pig out in the yard a few years ago, and has been working to perfect it annually since.

(He is also the one who informed me about the delicacy of ice cream and lime tortilla chips and suggested it for blogging material. I'm sure you are all properly impressed by his unique culinary mastery now.)

And subsequently our travel plans were integrated to allow for our attendance at this famed family gathering, my first time at this particular event.

So without further ado, let me introduce you to the infamous (and rather tasty) Edna.

Now I have to admit, Edna the pig totally goes against one of my staunch food requirements, which is that it cannot have the head or feet attached as I very much like to eat things that look like a slab of meat and not bear a striking resemblance to the critter they were in life.

And quite honestly, it was a really good thing Edna's head was no where around when I was chowing down on my delicious barbecue pork sandwich, because I'm just not sure how much of those bloody eyes and displaced tongue under that still cute little snout and perky piggie ears I could have endured before loosing my appetite.

Luckily she was quickly dismantled into nice slabs of meat parts for carving, and the head was deposited into the trash.

However, some family members were of a little stronger stuff than I.

Jamie took cousin Eric with him for the pig selection/butchering process where they split and gutted Edna up nicely and even carefully left the kidneys intact in case they were wanted for delicacies.

(We did not, which see as all for the better. But some local wildlife got a nice treat.)

And then Eric happened to be the unfortunate strong youngin' standing about when it was time for trash removal, and was given the terrifying duty of retrieving the pig's head from the trash bag it had been deposited in when it was realized that the bag was too heavy as was.

(I did not witness this event, and am not particularly sad for having missed it, just in case anyone was wondering.)

And THEN Eric ended up spending three days over at the house I was staying at (I totally attract the party like that), and he and I ended up being the ones eating most of the portion of Edna that had been deposited in that particular fridge. I was rather impressed by his ability to chow down on large quantities of Edna for meal after meal after witnessing her disembowelment and having a close and personal relationship with her head.

I think it might be one of those "guy" things.

As it was also a birthday party of sorts, cake was present and beautifully frosted by yours truly (and it only took me like 3 hours and a dozen interruptions to get it done), which may have been an ever bigger hit than Edna the pig with a few certain family members of mine.

Plus, really, they had fairly copious amounts of chocolate frosting generously laden on.

Who doesn't love copious amounts of cake with chocolate frosting?

I think it might be one of those "girl" things.

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  1. And while it's harder to see the flower on the round cake, I want to assure everyone that it was quite lovely, along with the delicate piping around the bottom of the cake.