Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Babysitter Babysitter, Where Art Thou?

An untimely combination of me actually getting a job and my parents going on vacation has created an unusual predicament for me.

I need a babysitter.

And not just for nice normal hours when center based childcare is available, but for three 12:30-9pm shifts.

I have used babysitters exceptionally little over my career as a parent. Between factors of moving so much that I didn't have connections to any and a fairly complete lack of working since popping out babies, there just hasn't been the need. I also tend to rely more heavily on formal child care centers, which may be in part influenced by my time working in them and also their easy commercial location and use.

Finding a babysitter is hard.

I started by hitting up a neighbor and good friend of my mother, as she watches them for free knows the girls pretty well and has enjoyed the few other occasions where her child care assistance was needed. And she very graciously agreed to take the late afternoon/bedtime/evening shift. Woot!

But I still needed afternoons covered.

One day happens to coincide with my weekly "morning off" day, so both girls are already scheduled at preschool and an in-home toddler program, and both places were agreeable to letting them stay later than normal (for a combined cost of WAAAAY more than I'm making in those few hours at Target, but we won't go into that right now), so that was one afternoon down.

But there were still two afternoons to go, and they have been tricky ones.

Next I started badgering a couple of former Kristina preschool teachers who both took wimpy part-time jobs for the summer before going off to gradschool in the fall (the slackers). They had great appeal in the babysitter mindset as they are older (read: my age) and also already know the girls pretty well. And were both unavailable. Damn.

So then I did a little small town reconnaissance and got the info for the teenage girl who likes to hang out with the babies (and by babies, I pretty much just mean "my children") in the nursery at church, as she was my ultimate back up for this week. And she's going to be in Wisconsin! GAAAAH!!

She did give me a name and number for a friend of hers.... but I'm really nervous about getting some punk teenager who I don't know (much less the children). I totally was one of those dumb punks a few years back, who totally got referred for jobs just like this and did great with them. But these are MY babies. MY babies are special. MY babies can't be left with just anyone. MY babies can smell fear. MY babies will eat wussy sitters alive....


Alright, perhaps I am thinking about this a little much. After all, MANY children have been left with MANY babysitters and nothing bad happens. Except for those few instances where the children are found smothered and dumped in the woods a week later. But really, most of the time this is just fine. I could even just post an ad to craigslist asking for someone for those specific hours....

*Twitch twitch*

Ok, maybe I can find somebody who I have a little better connection with.

A few desperate pleading emails to the always awesome director of Kristina's preschool (because she should totally have all the babysitting connections in town, right??) and all of my lame ass friends who are apparently holding full time regular hour jobs now (seriously, what's up with that?), and I started to get a little stressed out about things.

And then wrote a blog post about it. Very constructive and finding-a-babysitter of me, no?

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