Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Babysitter Saga Pt. 2

My previously mentioned pleadings towards the other preschool mommies had some yields, and as I'm sure you've all been sitting at the edge of your seat anticipating with great anticipation the anticipated final result of whether I will have a babysitter come Monday or whether I will be choosing between letting Kristina watch Adrianna (AHHAHAHAHAA... ha......) or fake calling into work sick for the first time in my life, I will tell you all about in more detail than you can possibly want to know.

(Because it's been occupying a big section of my brain the last couple days it's what you get for inspired blogging. Woot.)

A few more recommendations of teenagers who turned out to be unavailable or just never bothered to call me back trickled in from various sources, and the repeated suggestion to try posting on Nedmamas.

Nedmamas?? What on earth is that? Why I have not heard of this online amazement?

Turns out it's a very local, very small online posting forum not dissimilar from craigslist. It's part parent (crib for sale, looking for baby clothes), part community (lost dog, volunteers needed), and totally caused my stress level to drop down about three levels generated a nice list of highly recommended local babysitters and nannies right to my email.

So I started to email/call through the list.

And then totally had sticker shock. One woman said her daughter was 10 and wanting to learn to babysit (which sounds all fine and good), and that the two of them would do it for $12 and hour (damn, really??).

Many others said they charge $15 an hour, including one of the teachers at Kristina's preschool when I bemoaned the ridiculous prices during drop off. Do you KNOW what I am making at Target?? I would be spending substantially more than I would be earning per hour on such a babysitter, and that's not even factoring in things like I have to pay the babysitter for the time it takes me to go to/from work while work does not feel the need to pay me for that time nor the fact that my wage is taxed while there's is exempt. 

(And I only briefly reconsidered taking a career in babysitting, since I have yet to make an hourly wage that high.)

Finally, in semi-desperation, I called that friend of the high school girl at church.

And I was surprised.

I had spoken with or listened to the voice mail of 4 other teenage girls in the last two days (one of whom's phone kept calling me back from her pocket), and this one was far and away the sweetest and most professional sounding of the bunch of them.

(In fact, she sounded just like 16 year old me!)

And then I felt incredibly guilty for not giving her a call in the first place just because she hadn't been recommended by a parent.

And she was totally available!! AND happy with the amount for the week I'd been expecting to pay! Which  meant guilt was quickly followed by being ecstatic I had finally managed to secure a sitter with exactly two days to spare. Go me!