Sunday, July 10, 2011

Code Yellow

As part of my training for working at Target, the various people in charge of training me have been drilling the codes.

And a code yellow is for a lost child.

(I find this subject matter particularly fascinating as there have been a few occasions were I personally have come exceptionally close to actually loosing a child in Target.)

The company has quite the plan in place to locate the child. The team member first alerted to the situation by the parent is to put out the code three times followed by a description of the child (no names), and then proceed to bring the parent to the front of the store where they will wait with the parent until the child is found.

Once the code goes out, every single employee in that store is to stop what they are doing immediately and begin looking for the missing munchkin.

The front doors to the store are to be monitored to ensure that the child does not leave (particularly with someone other than the parent), and the bathrooms will be checked and then have continued watching until the child is found.

Children are most often found in the toy section, in the back of electronics playing with the wii demo, or hiding inside racks of clothing. But irregardless, the entire store will be searched section by section by the entire team of employees.

And then, once found, the news is put out just like the original code was over the walkie system and the child is escorted to the front of the store to be reunited with the parent and the rest of the store goes back to normal.

So yeah, that's what happens if you lose your kid in Target.

Not quite as sparkly as this terrifying children's television character, but not to shabby either.
It's called a Boobah, but I like to think of it as the Code Yellow Troll.


  1. Oh, you're not alone.

    And we've got our yellow boobah too. They froze my credit card one Christmas, concerned about the use of it being theft.

    Okay, who would steal a dancing boo bah?

    Whee. love, Val