Thursday, July 28, 2011

Coveting Houses

I like houses.

No really, I watch all the house hunter shows on HGTV just so I can check out all the different places.

But it has lead to some frustration in recent months as I keep wanting to find a place for me, and continue to have a serious lack of supporting income to match the available market.

So I had stopped browsing craigslist for the perfect rentals, and was even loosing interest in the Sunday newspaper real estate pages, when I looked up the priciest place currently listed in Colorado.

And for a mere $19,500,000 I could be the proud owner of 50,000 square feet and 24 bathrooms.

I cannot fathom for the life of me what you could possibly need 24 bathrooms for. Although, I suppose with that square footage, it may just be an unintended consequence of trying to make sure there's a conveniently located WC every 300 yards or so.

But it was fun looking at the sheer ridiculousness of the place. And then I had an even more brilliant idea! If I was go to be spending ridiculously amounts of money on some monstrosity, I should just go get a castle!!

I was surprised to find castle listings in America at all, but quickly dismissed them as horrible facades that share nothing more than inspirational design with the real thing. So I decided to hearken back to some of my ancestral roots and check out the Ireland castle market.

That'll do. You know, for a starter place and all.

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