Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Doctor of Philosophy

I am in the process of forming a new life plan.

Previously I had dismissed the idea of more school from a combination of factors (mostly my idealistic thinking I'd be able to get a reasonable job), but now I am starting to reconsider.

Working at Target has actually been a lot of fun for me, which either says something about the level of my former isolated miserableness or that the Target training program really isn't that much different from Outward Bound.

However, it still rather falls into the "not succeeding at life" category, and I suspect it might become less fun over time.

So when I happened across an advertisement for 50% off the cost of taking the GRE in August or September, the wheels started to turn a little more.

I never did take the GRE, since I wasn't particularly interested in doing a masters program, and I had already (on a whim) taken the LSAT (law school version of the test), which I scored quite well on and was totally content doing that route. But now law school isn't looking all that promising, both for a future career and for the three years of intensive study.

And hey, 50% off ain't bad.

So I started to browse the University of Colorado's higher degree programs. First I went with journalism, but their school of journalism has been recently gutted to the point of no longer offering the undergrad degree going through some changes and I'm not entirely sure about the future of the industry.

But then I had a truly inspired thought! I should get a doctorate of philosophy!! Because really, how cool would that be?

(Why yes, I DID just pass over a possibly dying field for an undeniably dead one. Because I really like accumulating the most impractical degrees I possibly can.)

The requirements aren't bad either. You do NOT have to have a masters to get into the program (although killer GRE scores sure help there), and pretty much the only difference between the two is you go from 30 hours to 45 and have to do more big paper type stuff.

(I'm not entirely sure what all they were talking about with dissertating this and defending that, but I'm sure it's not anything all that much to worry about, right?)

And then I pulled out the handy dandy desktop calculator to see how long I'd have to be in school for this (remember, I went to the one course at a time school where we didn't DO credit hours in threes and fours, but rather the much more logical one credit per course scale), and came up with the amazing number of 2.8125.

Why, that's less than three semesters, I could totally pull that off in a year!

Well, that is assuming I'm taking 16 credit hours at a time, which breaks down into like 4 or 5 classes, right? Is that a lot to take at once? Doesn't sound like all that much. Someone told me a full semester at the masters level is only 12, but that just seems so wimpy. I suppose I do need to factor in things like having children now. And if I kept a job while doing this... it could get a bit intense to try to pull in 30-40 hours a week working on top of 16 doctorate credit hours and seeing my children and maybe even occasionally sleep. But I'm still young! I thrive on intensity! I can do anything!!



I know! I'll start drinking coffee, then everything will be just fine.


  1. You might enjoy, and perhaps find informative, this blog:

    Good idea on skipping law school. I know at least 2 recent grads who haven't been able to find work for a few years now.

  2. LOL. I have a degree in finance with a minor in ethics.

    I know, funny, hunh?

    But the philosophy classes were a lot of fun. For me, it was an easy minor.

    And yeah, now I'm back to working as an LPN.

    I never thought I'd be back to nursing again, but here I am. It pays halfway decent and part time evening hours besides.

    In real life I'm a realtor, but that industry isn't going to recover by tomorrow or next week.

    Glad you opted out of law school. The stories are pretty terrifying--the debt vs. income afterward.

    love, Val