Friday, July 15, 2011

Messages and Me

On occasion I get rather annoyed with people not listening to what, exactly, I said in a phone message or to what, exactly, I wanted them to leave in theirs.

The other day I had a few minutes before a work shift started and I was trying to get some little things done since I wouldn't have a chance the rest of the day as a result of (brace yourselves) working.

I called the pediatrician and asked about changing the days of an appointment for Adrianna to get her immunizations. The receptionist said they were reconfiguring the schedule right then and would probably have time on Friday afternoon for her like I wanted, but they would have to call me back. I specifically told them that I wouldn't be home the rest of the afternoon, and said we could do any time that day and to just please schedule her and leave me a message with the time.

So, when I got home from work there was a lovely message waiting for me from the doctors office discussing how they wanted to confirm a time for Adrianna (without telling me what that time might be) and to please give them a call back.


But it gets even better!!

I ALSO called the other local preschool who now has a toddler program (which Kristina's much awesomer preschool does not. Because they are lame.) and left a message asking if there was any current availability in it. The woman who called back left a message saying she'd be happy to schedule a tour for me and didn't say a damn thing about whether there was any space in the program.

 *Twitch twitch twitch*

Adrianna and I already toured the program 4 months ago. When they were completely full. WHICH IS WHY I WASN'T ASKING FOR A TOUR, I WAS *ASKING* IF THERE WAS AN AVAILABLE SLOT.


In mostly unrelated news, I'm beginning to suspect trying to deal with phone messages when I just got off a late shift and haven't gotten a chance to unwind or eat or drink anything and am tired and a little bit stressed about life and can't actually call anybody back because it's 10 o'clock at night might be a bad idea.

But that's just an unsubstantiated hunch.


  1. LOL you are SPOT on w/ the message thing. you are not alone. AND it happens in email, too!! which confuses me even more than VM, as the specifics of the question i'm actually asking are RIGHT THERE. LOL : )

  2. This is why people should use Google Voice .. it translates, for the most part, what you into an e-mail for you to read. ;-)