Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Monkey Blankie

One of the very few purchases I made for Kristina while pregnant was indulging in getting her a blanket from Gymboree.

I already knew my daughter's personality to some extent, and she was a wiggly little girl even then, so the pink monkey motif seemed just the thing for her.

(This was, however, before I learned of her fear of heights....)

At the time it seemed like a lot of money, far to much to be spending on a stupid blanket for her, but I compromised quite a lot of what I wanted to get and what I actually did, so that particular indulgent purchase wasn't all that bad (or so I kept telling myself).

And the blanket was that much more special as a result.

I used it extensively with Kristina when she was a little baby, and then she adopted it as her treasured monkey blankie lovie when she became a toddler.

She had grown a little past dragging it everywhere with her, but Adrianna's present moving through the blankie stage has reinitialized her love and need for it. And when she curled up on it during play last week, I instantly thought of the pictures I had taken of her laying on (the then brand new) monkey blankie when she was three days old and fresh home from the hospital.

Nearly 4 years have passed since that life changing day.

Some things have changed.

The awesomeness of monkey blankie hasn't.

The colors have faded a little and a few stains have joined the palm tree pattern, but it is still intact and structurally sound, and well worth every penny spent.

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