Monday, July 25, 2011

Political Cartoons

I adore political cartoons.

In general I think humor is just an excellent medium for sharing what is otherwise a miserable slophole of stupidity much of the time, and combined with the never failing awesomeness of the cartoon genre it is often nothing short of awesome.

I remember the occasional history text book from back in the day (you know, practically forever ago with my impending getting old) which would have accompanying pictures to the various chapters and occasionally those illustrations would be cartoons from the period pertaining to the issue at hand. And I loved them.

I would flip through the text books looking for the cartoons, and then read the accompanying section if I didn't understand what the cartoon was referring to.

And because of the appeal of learning about history this way, I have often wished that there was simply a history book complied of political cartoons from the last century (or two) and accompanying blurbs about what was the issue at hand and what view the comic was expressing (and perhaps even how the general masses reacted to it, if it was of particular note).


  1. That first one is basically the last decade in a nutshell. Maybe you should write this book? I'd buy it =)

  2. Yeah, we're totally not going to go into Peter's career success vs. mine right now. Lol, I know, I'll go get a masters in history of journalism just so I can do this for my thesis!

  3. Hey, I really like that history book idea!