Monday, July 18, 2011

She Dreams In Color, She Dreams In [Target] Red

I've spent two whole weeks working at Target at this point. And occasionally, I'm not the best worker.

You see, I have a long history of spending substantial amounts of time in that store browsing shelf after shelf of fascinating merchandise. And this habit of finding all the different shower curtains and types of tea fascinating isn't necessarily a good one when they're paying me to be doing something else.

This is how it goes....

Ah yes, stock college bathroom trashcans, those goes on the endcap of C10. Oh hey, those are some new shower curtains. OOOOOOOHHH, that pink and brown circle one would just be PERFECT for a bathroom for the girls when we get into our own place. And they have the whole matching line! Do we really need a matching hand soap dispenser? Yes, yes we do. And maybe we should get two of that matching pink and brown circles rug. It's a really cute little bathroom rug. Would the pink potty match ok? It's a brighter pink... I suppose it wouldn't look bad, pink is pink after all. And that set has almost enough of an adult look that we could get away with it in a single bathroom place, a truly perfect balance of little girl pink and trendy modern. I wonder if I can find something like that to make a playroom out of... actually, some of the back-to-college storage stuff might work. But I should wait to check it out until it's on clearance. All the summer stuff just went 75% off today, and there's a TON left still.

Oh right, TRASHCANS. On it. 

Lets see what else is in the stock cart... I got some hippie brand of yoga licorices tea. I'm pretty sure even the weird tea goes over in the grocery section somewhere, instead of with the other health stuff by the pharmacy. Was it in the aisle with the coffee? I think so... Hey look, cookies are on sale! I should pick up a package for the girls later. Did I remember to bring my employ discount card? Oh but wait, I don't even have cash for it, they said they won't apply the discount unless you're using cash or a redcard. I still need to get a redcard. I should get it from that girl who trained me on cash register, she was really nice. What was her name? Erin?? Maybe.... I still suck at remembering those little things. It's really awesome that Target employs have to wear nametags, otherwise I'd NEVER have a clue who anyone is. I wonder if mine has shown up yet... it's probably for Martha, they said it was ordered back before we ever started work. Can I get a new one just because I want it for Marty? Probably. I could totally "loose" the other one if need be anyways. But then I have to keep wearing the New Team Member one until it arrives, I'm getting tired of everyone asking me who I am all the time. Crap, what was I doing?? Oh right, tea.... 

Alright, just gotta do the gum and then I'm done with this cart. Why are they so many types of gum? Seriously, I can't imagine for the need of a hundred different choices. And those new "dessert" flavors just look nasty.... Although, I suppose it's only the reasonable counter part to bubble gum ice cream, to make mint chocolate chip gum. I remember that one time I got bubble gum ice cream as a kid. I thought it was really neat because it was pink, but then it tasted kinda gross. And picking the gumballs out was really messy. This Target has a really nice selection of Ben & Jerry's. They totally pander to college students. Supposedly the week around dorms opening is busier even than Christmas. Makes me glad I did all my vacationy stuff back before I even got hired, because otherwise I sure wouldn't be going anywhere this summer with how blocked off August is. They keep saying all schedules are going to be super full that whole month, and they flat out said they wouldn't hire me if I couldn't work then. I have 30 hours scheduled next week. I wonder why Toby gave me more hours than that other instocks girl. What was her name? God damnit, I hate names. Although she did say she never worked Sundays when she was talking to Alika earlier, she might have other restrictions on her availability which bring her less hours. Alika's really pushing for me to cross train in everything. He's probably right that it's a really good thing to do, I just feel like my brain is going to explode right now if I try to absorb anything else. That and my legs.... So freaking tired! But I'm getting an awesome workout doing all this. Pay money to join a gym or take classes? No no, just get a job at Target, then you can spend 5 days a week walking mile after mile around the store. Although donuts day last week was NOT good for me. I can't believe how little self control I have when sitting next to a table FILLED with Hostess products. But I guess that's why I stopped buying them in general ages ago, because I'll totally eat through disgusting amounts in the first two days. And then have no more in the box. And be five pounds heavier. I wonder if I'll keep loosing weight from working here, or actually gain some back on from new muscle growth. I put on like fifteen pounds of muscle when I was doing the dojo regularly. I wonder whether a scale is really worth much of anything when all is said and done. Is that my walkie going off? Oh man, not another focus walk... I still have to stock that gum!

Betterman, by Pearl Jam


  1. That was me at 4am this morning. My mind was on overload!

  2. You just need more people asking you questions every 5 seconds to keep you from daydreaming. You won't get any more (or less) work done, but can feel less guilty about it!

  3. The dessert-flavored gum is my current treat at work. The mint chocolate chip ice cream is probably the best, with key lime pie in second, and strawberry shortcake a distant third. (My Safeway didn't have any other flavors when I purchased them.)

  4. They also have a tasty Orange Creamsicle version. I love every flavor they make and get giddy excited when I see a new one.