Saturday, July 30, 2011

When Vaccines Make Me Twitchy

Keeping the girls up to date on there vaccines has been a bit of a pain since every time we move (Kristina was living in her 4th state before she turned 2) we go a new doctor who decides that somehow their vaccines which were totally ok in the last state are now horribly messed up.

Further complications come about with using the local small town doctors, with issues like the one here spending half his time giving out medical marijuana cards and doesn't always have the vaccines they need in stock when they're scheduled to get them.

However, I have been pretty content to just keep bringing them back in and saying they need shots and letting the doctors fuss and fume over their charts and decide what exactly we shall do here.

But then, I realized something.

I was updating Adrianna's vaccine records to turn in for getting child care assistance (CCAP) and had been using Kristina's still nicely updated and in pretty typed form from the second pediatrician's office in NY since she hasn't needed vaccines since as a bit of a guide.

And as I was looking over Kristina's vaccine record in much more detail than I ever did before, I noticed that she had a record for the varicella vaccine.

Wait, isn't that the chicken pox one??

Why yes, yes it is.


Right, because they weren't her pediatrician when she was 11 months old and HAD the chicken pox!

Obviously they couldn't be troubled to look to see if there was any notation as to why she didn't receive the vaccine at 18 months when everything else was updated, or be bothered to ask me if there might be a reason for this particular missing one. No no, much better to just freak out about her being WAY behind on her shots like it's somehow my fault and start stabbing her with needles.

Dear Carthage Medical Facility: You suck.


  1. I'm still quite torn on the vaccination argument ... Obviously they f'd up with Kristina's though.

  2. If the varicella vaccine is given before the child turns one, it is not valid and the child must have two additional doses of the vaccine. ( I found this out when my twins entered First grade and the school nurse told me that they needed an additional shot because they got their first CP shot nine days before their first birthday. Here in Indiana, we do have a one week variance for some vaccines, but that is the max. Could explain why the doc gave an additional shot?

  3. It is your job to research what they're injecting into your child. You are your child's biggest advocate.